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"Every woodturning has a story.
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About Storied Woods


cocobolo, turned and carved, wood art, new beginningsStoried Woods produces standard and commissioned wood turnings from the finest, hand selected, domestic and exotic woods. We personally choose all of the woods that go into our turnings. Our products are made from such woods as ambrosia maple, cocobolo, bocote, rosewood, bloodwood, canarywood, lacewood, pink ivory, walnut, oak, and spalted maples, pecans, and beeches. Every wood has its own unique and natural beauty … every turning strives to find and free that beauty…..
Flower Bowl, gifts, wood art
We create beautiful custom and standard turnings. Among the pieces we turn are bowls, flower vases, flower bowls, closed forms, plates, wine bottle stoppers and coasters, money clips, mirrored compacts, perfume vials, atomizers and pendants, and stunning pens. There is an endless world of practical and decorative uses for turnings from Storied Woods.

Our turned & carved pieces, bowls, vases and other products are an excellent choice for the discerning collector. Pieces from Storied Woods have traveled all over the world as special personal and business gifts. A number of our turnings have been used in television.  Whether selected for personal use, as a gift, for the home, or as a unique piece for a professional setting, you will be completely satisfied. Our woodturnings combine the most beautiful materials with traditional craftsmanship, innovative designs, and artistic expression to provide you with a cherished treasure providing a lifetime of enjoyment.

From the very beginning we have always had stories about the pieces we turn.  A simple trip to the lumber yard became an adventure that grew to become part of the story.  Items were made from woods that were brought back from a trip to a foreign land; gifts would be made for family and special friends we traveled with.  Pieces were turned in sets or limited editions; special family and friends each received part of the set.  Today our turnings have accounts that may trace anything from the lineage of the selection of the woods to a chronicle of its making.

Storied Woods came about, not from any one perspective, but from a lifetime of experiences, practice, knowledge, skill, curiosity and pursuit of an understanding of cherry burl bowl, woodturnings, wood artwood. Having a love for the arts, crafts, the beauty intrinsic in woods, and the skills necessary to bring nature's beauty and one man's work together, Storied Woods has evolved as a labor of love.

Storied Woods is not in business just to sell wood turnings. There is a passion…. a joy in finding a unique piece of raw wood and turning that piece into a finished work of art.





Storied Woods
phone:  818-709-5830     fax:  818-709-2679
Chatsworth, CA 91311
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