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Bowls & Vases

Here you will find numerous bowls, vases, hollowforms, and variations on these themes.  Some of our bowls and vases are quite traditional in nature, while others are a bit of a reach.  As always, we hand select our own timber and seek to combine beautiful, highly figured woods with fine design.

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cherry_bowl, cherry burl, wood art

Carolina Cherry Burl Bowl

This traditional bowl has always been one of my favorite pieces.  A simple design, approximately 10" diameter x 3-1/2" tall, it was turned from some of the most incredible cherry burl I have ever seen.  I chose a simple open shape for a couple of reasons.  First, an open bowl keeps no secrets; it is there for everyone to see.  Secondly, I wanted the shape and form to enhance the beautiful cherry.  A complicated bowl would have detracted from the wood.  The bowl also features a reverse-turned, slightly uplifting foot to elevate it from the table.


amboyna burl, wood art, amboyna vase

Amboyna Burl "Brentwood" Vase

This vase is part of a series I call my Brentwood vases.  It is a simple style with a slightly tapered body and a reverse-turned, uplifting foot.  I originally began showing this style at shows in Brentwood, California with great success.  The wood is amboyna burl and the vase is approximately 4" diameter x 6" tall.  Amboyna burl is truly one of the world's most beautiful woods.




cocobolo hollowform, cocobolo, wood art, turned wood

Cocobolo Hollowform

This hollowform bowl was turned from cocobolo.  It is approximately 10" diameter x 4" tall.  The simple hollowform shape allows the beautiful cocobolo to speak for itself.  The hollowform has a small reverse-turned foot.


cocobolo oval vase, cocobolo, turned wood, wood art

Cocobolo Oval Vase

About 5" diameter x 7" tall, this simple oval vase was turned from cocobolo.  A splash of sapwood at the base makes an interesting addition to the nicely figured heartwood.


jarrah burl bowl, jarrah burl, wood art, turned wood Jarrah Burl Bowl

This bowl was turned from jarrah burl.  Jarrah is one of the many eucalyptus species from Australia.  It is approximately 11" diameter x 3-1/2" tall.  This is another example where a simple form allows the beauty of the wood to prevail. 


cocobolo navajo vase, cocobolo, turned wood, wood artCocobolo "Navajo" Vase

The impetus for this vase came from southwestern Indian pottery jars.  While it was certainly not a technical copy, the shape was inspired by many different pieces.  It is approximately 6" diameter x 7" tall and was turned from cocobolo.  The sapwood forms a silhouette of an Indian wrapped in a blanket. 


cocobolo hollowform, cocobolo, turned wood, wood art Cocobolo Hollowform II

This cocobolo hollowform was also inspired by Southwestern Indian pottery.  A simple hollowform shape is accented by the sapwood splash.  The piece is approximately 6" diameter x 4" tall.



maple burl vase, maple burl, wood art, turned woodMaple Vessel

This vase was turned from a solid 12" x 12" x 12" block of maple burl.  It is undoubtedly one of the most highly figured pieces of maple burl I have every encountered.  I chose the shape of a classical Grecian urn with broad shoulders in order to best show off the exquisite figure of the burl.  Viewed from any height or angle, the figure just shines through.  It is a stunning piece in any setting.


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