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In our Miscellaneous section we will be showcasing various pieces that don't always fit neatly into our other sections.  You may see pieces that could be included in our other categories, but we choose to show them here in order to highlight them.  If you find something to your liking, please Contact Us for more information or with your comments.



multi-axis turnings, wood art

Too Much Merlot

Tee Many Martoonies

This is another "variation on a theme" for our multi-axis turnings.  Topped by either a wine goblet or a martini glass.  Made for fun, they will bring a smile to any wine aficionado or martini lover, whether it's vodka or gin.  These turnings are approximately 2" maximum diameter x 3-1/2" tall and are shown in cocobolo and ebony.  Please inquire about other sizes or woods.


wood art, wood sculpture

Drawn In

 This is a new expression and certainly different from our traditionally turned pieces.  Made from a section of maple burl cap with a cocobolo base, this piece is definitely more sculptural in nature.  There are no 90o sides on the maple burl itself.  The concentric rings are the turned element in this piece and along with the hole create a focal point...... it draws you in.... or so many people feel compelled to express.  The piece is about 12" tall.



turned wood box, ebony and cocobolo, gifts

Turned Box

This turned box was made with a base and finial of ebony, and a cocobolo lid.  It is about 5" diameter x 4" tall overall.  The beautiful cocobolo figure and color are a wonderful accent to the black ebony. 


turned boxes, turned wood boxes, ebony and cocobolo, gifts

Turned Boxes, Ebony and Cocobolo

This is a selection of our turned ebony boxes with cocobolo lids and ebony finials.  The larger sizes are about 5" diameter x 4 tall and the smaller boxes are about 3" diameter x 3+" tall.  Note the highly figured cocobolo used in the larger boxes.




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phone:  818-709-5830     fax:  818-709-2679
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