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Natural Edge Selections


The following pieces you will be viewing are what we call "natural edge" turnings.  This primarily refers to the style and incorporation of some of the natural elements of the outer parts of the tree.......  the retention of bark is a common technique, however we also include bark inclusions, cracks, voids, and the use of natural shape and contours of the tree itself.

Please Contact Us regarding your interest in these pieces.  Each natural edge selection is made individually designed and hand turned on my lathe and, it is also unique in its natural intrinsic beauty and features.  As such no two pieces will ever be the same.

cocobolo, crotch form bowl, Cocobolo Crotch

This cocobolo crotch is an amazing piece of wood.  The finished bowl is approximately 18 inches in diameter x 6 inches tall.  The timber was cut from the main crotch of the tree.  This highly figured piece retains the creamy sapwood and contour of the outside of the tree as well as the natural stress cracks at the crotch.  Individually made ebony stitches were inserted during the turning process to provide some safety and integrity to the crotch.  The stitches add a very interesting linear statement to a beautiful organic form. 

"Stitches" in this case are ebony inserts.  This technique is a variation on a Hawaiian method where they use wood inserts, leather, grasses, etc., to "stitch" up cracks in their heirloom calabash bowls.  Since hardwood inserts are not available, I make my own.

cocobolo crotch bowl, wood art

Additional views of the above Cocobolo Crotch cocobolo crotch bowl, wood art




natural edge maple burl bowl

Natural Edge Bowl, Maple Burl

This bowl was turned from a maple burl cap.   It is about 9 inches diameter x 5 inches tall.  The rough edge is the natural appearance, directly under the bark of the tree.  The rough, undulating rim enhances the intrinsic beauty of this highly figured maple burl bowl



Natural edge, maple burl vase, wood artNatural Edge Vase w/Stitches, Maple Burl

This vase was turned from a huge maple burl cap that I acquired in Northern California.  I was fortunate enough to make many stunning pieces from the burl.  George Nakashima would appreciate the "soul of a tree" continuing on.  Again, you'll see stitches; in this case they are walnut and allowed me (from a technical perspective) to turn this vase with a rather large void down the side.  I love the baloney slice (diagonal cut) of the rim, while still retaining the rugged natural edge.  The intrinsic beauty of this maple burl is displayed throughout the piece.  It shows almost everything you could ask for:  burlwood, spalting, voids, bark inclusions.  Nature paints a wonderful canvas.



cocobolo crotch bowl

Cocobolo Crotch III

This cocobolo crotch was turned, leaving the natural contour of the outside of the tree, as the rim of the bowl.  The bark and sapwood are no longer present, but the contour follows follow the true shape of the tree.  The bowl is approximately 16 inches x 8 inches deep.


natural edge bowl, wood art

Natural Edge Double Bowl, Jarrah

This double-bowl was turned from a single piece of Jarrah burl.  Jarrah is one of the many Australian eucalyptus species.  Turned from a single piece of Jarrah burl, the bowl stands tall with an uplifted foot.


natural edge maple burl cap bowl, wood art

Natural Edge Maple Burl Bowl II

This natural edge maple burl bowl is approximately 9" diameter x 3-1/2" tall.


Natural edge maple burl cap vase, wood art 

Natural Edge Maple Burl Cap Vase

This is another natural edge vase from a maple burl cap.  It is approximately 4" diameter x 9" tall.




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