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Turned & Carved


What you are viewing below are Turned and Carved pieces which have been initially turned and finished as bowls or vases.  Each one of these pieces is unique.  I do not work from any standard pattern and each piece is hand crafted.  Beginning with the selection of a highly figured wood I complete the bowl or vase form.  I then draw in a pattern for the particular design I am creating.  Using standard and custom made hand tools and grinding equipment, I remove areas of "negative space" to establish the basic shape I wish to create.  Many hours of hand shaping and sanding create a unique turned and carved, sculptural piece. 

Click on most thumbnails for a larger image.

Please Contact Us regarding your interest in these pieces.  As each piece is individually turned and carved, price, availability and lead times will vary and can be discussed based on your particular interests.



3 Leaf Brookie Style Vase

3 Leaf - Brookie Style Vase

Always looking for a new carving style I found my latest inspiration coming from the back of a brook trout.  I felt the random camouflage pattern of the Brookie would lend itself well to a new look on my pieces.  Taking from my "window" series of work, I carved the three leaves with the random Brookie design as the internal parts of the leaves.  Turned from Cocobolo; approximately 3" diameter x 6" tall.





turned and carved bowl, cocobolo, wood artTurned and Carved Cocobolo Bowl

This beautiful bowl was turned and carved from a very special piece of cocobolo.  The rich tones and figure of the cocobolo is contrasted by the creamy yellow sapwood which is evenly on each side of the bowl.  The carving is a contemporary design which I call my "brookie" style, inspired by the mottled back of a brook trout.

Approximately 7" in diameter x 3-1/2" tall.

This particular bowl has been sold, but similar styles are regularly available subject to prior sale.

(Photo by George Post)



5x9 New Beginnings

New Beginnings 5 x 9

A larger diameter, and taller version of our "New Beginnings" series of our turned and carved pieces.  Following the premise of newly emerging leaves, this variation on the theme has a multiple layer of leaves rather than a single layer found in many of our versions.  The wood is cocobolo and the piece is approximately 5" diameter x 9" tall.      

(Photo by George Post)




pink ivory, turned and carved, wood art

New Beginnings in Pink Ivory

This variation of the New Beginnings theme was turned and carved from one of the most incredible pieces of pink ivory I have seen in years.  The color was so deep that in the wood import trade it is often called "red ivory."  The silhouetted leaves were turned and carved rising out of a more defined base than most of my other carvings of this series.  I feel the solid base contrasts nicely to the lighter more open "leaves."

Pink ivory is an African hardwood, not ivory.  The wood, while expensive and rare, is not considered endangered; it is merely limited in the amount of the timber which is harvested.  As such it is considered a very desirable and unique wood.  It is a very hard, fine grained wood and the color is entirely natural.

(Photo by George Post)


New Beginnings

New Beginnings

New Beginnings represents two different symbols.  The carving is of silhouetted leaves which are emerging from the earth; new growth if you will.  The wood is cocobolo.  The piece is approximately 4 inches in diameter x 6 inches tall.  Beyond the new growth represented in the carving, New Beginnings represented a new beginning, i.e., a new direction in my work.  It is one of the most popular series made by Storied Woods. 




turned and carved cocobolo

Vines in the Round

This variation of our "vines" series was turned and carved from a 3" diameter x 4" tall piece of cocobolo.  The spherical shape brings a new dimension to the intertwining of the vines.  The tall, reverse turned foot lifts the piece up off its base and gives it a suspended, uplifted appearance.

Photo by George Post



 turned and carved wood art, cocobolo

Vines in Cocobolo

In my Vines' series, I took my inspiration from the vineyards in Napa, California and my Grandmother's grape arbor.  I love the random twists and turns of the vines as they wind their way up a trellis.  Bordered by the rim and base of the vessel, the appearance is that of looking out a window and through the vines.  The wood is cocobolo and the piece is approximately 3-1/2 inches in diameter x 5 inches tall.



turned and carved wood art, ebony

Vines in Ebony

Vines in Ebony was a commission piece following the same concept as its predecessor, Vines in Cocobolo.  The wood is ebony the piece is approximately 4 inches in diameter x 6 inches tall.





turned and carved wood art, cocobolo

New Beginnings 807

A taller variation on the New Beginnings' series. 

This piece is also in cocobolo and approximately 4 inches diameter x 8 inches tall.




turned and carved wood art, cocobolo

En Fuego II

Many of my customers see the New Beginnings' series as flames.  As such, I decided to introduce a series which were actually carved to represent fire.

En Fuego II is turned from cocobolo and is approximately 4 inches diameter x 8 inches tall.




turned and carved seashell, wood art, cocobolo

Seashell in Cocobolo

Seashells have been a favorite turned and carved style for Storied Woods, both from a personal perspective as well as a collectors' view.

This seashell is about 4 inches diameter x 8 inches tall and made from cocobolo.  Please contact Storied Woods for available sizes of our seashells.




turned and carved seashell, wood art, amboyna burl

Seashell in Amboyna

Another seashell using Amboyna burl.  When you click the thumbnail you will see the incredible figure of amboyna burl, this rare and beautiful timber.

This seashell is about 4 inches in diameter x 8 inches tall.




Seashells, B&W Ebony and Pink IvorySeashells, Pink Ivory and Black & White Ebony

Our popular turned and carved seashells are show here in Pink Ivory and Black & White Ebony.  Each is approximately 3+" diameter x 6" tall.  The colors you are seeing here are all natural.  Pink ivory is from Africa and is considered one of the most unusual and desirable woods in the world.  As it is a very expensive wood, it is used in only the best applications.  Black & white ebony is a true ebony species and come from Southeast Asia.  It too, is a unique and unusual wood.



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